Test your dog’s allergies for 34% off with Black Friday deal

The best thing we can do is to look after our dogs. When our pets have an apparently inexplicable discomfort or affliction, often due to allergies, pet owners can feel a sense of helplessness and anxiety. While a visit to the vet should always be the top priority for your beloved dog when they’re feeling under the weather, there are ways you can help your pet from home, too, using innovative products that can guide you on the best action for helping your pet.

Available now is the Allergy Test My Pet Kit that can help you to figure out what’s bothering your pet. It’s currently available for the further reduced price of $64.99 (no code needed) as part of a pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Sale. The innovative test kit can reveal so many details about your pet and help you to better take care of your pet.

Allergy Test My Pet Kit
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Developed from the ground up in order to help you test for 100 of the most common allergens that might be affecting your dog, the Allergy Test My Pet kit is a simple solution that can contribute to your pet’s wellbeing. The kit can test by measuring the proteins found in your dog’s sample, and report on the everyday items that could be affecting your dog. This kit can help you be a better parent by advising you about foods and treatment options, such as shampoos, that should not be used with your pet.

Send your sample to the lab and you will get your results in two to three week. Previous users of the kit love it, including L. McMillon from Austin, Texas, who said, “Lincoln was used as a test dog for the Allergy Test. We didn’t think he was allergic to anything. It turns out that he is allergic to yogurt and dairy products. So good to know!”

The Allergy Test My Pet Kit is currently on sale for the further reduced price of $64.99 (no code needed) as part of a pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Sale, saving you 34% off the regular price of $99, and helping you to be a better caregiver for your beloved dog.

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