3 Cool Ways Custom T-Shirts Will Benefit a Small Business

3 Cool Ways Custom T-Shirts Will Benefit a Small Business

Part of starting a small business is finding a way to reach your potential customers. Of course, you need a marketing campaign that catches their eye and stays in their mind, such as custom T-shirt printing. Here are 3 of the many ways custom T-shirts can benefit a small business.

1. Free Advertisement for Your Business

You can customize T-shirts with your business’s name and logo or illustration. Be sure to add the phone number, email, or website address of your business in smaller font. One idea is to incorporate your business’s colors on the T-shirts.

Next, ensure each employee receives a customized T-shirt to wear during work hours or at conventions, seminars, and job fairs. Customized T-shirts especially work at special events, such as your coffee shop participating in a festival at your local park.

If the shirts are a hit with your team, take it one step further with customized hats or lanyards. Your employees may want to wear them outside work hours or work-based activities for additional advertising.

2. Promotional Items for Customers

Customized company T-shirts make great promotional items for customers. For example, you can sell these available inside your shop or cafe at a reasonable price. Reach a bigger audience by making the shirts available to purchase through your website.

Remember to pair your T-shirts with great customer service. You would be surprised at how many loyal customers are interested in promoting your business through apparel.

Another idea is to host a special event where customers can win a free customized T-shirt. If your restaurant hosts a trivia night, a company shirt makes a great prize for the winner. You can also host an online event to allow more customers to win a shirt.

3. Increases Employee Morale

Customizing business T-shirts is a great way to increase employee morale. Your employees can dress comfortably, advertise, and feel like part of the team. You can even ask your employees to provide input on the shirt designs. This shows your team that you value their opinion on the apparel they will be wearing.

Rather than asking your employees to purchase a T-shirt or take the price out of their paycheck, give them a free company T-shirt. For instance, Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday in March. Surprise your employees with a customized shirt to show appreciation for their hard work.

Of course, you never need a reason to gift your employees a customized shirt. A spur-of-the-moment gift is always a pleasant surprise after working hard to meet deadlines, provide customer service, and keep your business running smoothly.

You can also expand to those who work with your business, from partners to vendors. They may decide to wear or display your shirt to direct customers to your business.

Marketing is essential to not only gaining but also retaining customers. Customized T-shirts provide a unique way to reach your target audience. Employees can wear the shirts at work-related and non-work-related functions, while customers may wear the apparel while running errands. Use your customized T-shirts to show appreciation while promoting your business.


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