AI Jobs Given and Taken

There have been few forces as controversial as AI. It has undeniably helped to make some resources accessible, practical, and useful. It also manages to remove the monotony a lot of humans have to work through in countless processes. Yet the fears around AI taking artists and industry jobs alike are certainly valid. So what’s […]

Accelerating Production of Mobile Apps Using CI/CD 

Mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms are increasingly important in today’s technological landscape as they automate the manual processes involved in building, testing, and deploying mobile applications. This set of practices and tools enables developers to deliver software updates more frequently and reliably, ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth company operations. As society becomes […]

Mastering the Corporate Learning Curve:  A Financial Overview

Learning and development (L&D) has ascended as a critical vehicle for synchronizing business objectives with employee capabilities.  Each year, innumerable workers actively engage in an assortment of L&D ventures covering compliance (70%), soft skills (51%), upskilling (50%), product training (39%), onboarding (36%), and reskilling (36%).  Post the COVID-19 crisis, the importance of such learning platforms […]

The Benefits of Transfer Pathways

For college students, the expenses related to taking courses are the biggest deterrent from degree attainment. However, by being on a transfer pathway, you can significantly reduce associated costs of college. Essentially, you can attain credits for an associate’s degree at a community college where it is cheaper. Afterwards, you can transfer those credits to […]