Haley Lickstein Takes the Lead in Energizing Young Voters with Women Candidates Spotlight During Women’s History Month

Article written by Michael Spinakis. This Women’s History Month, Haley Lickstein is spearheading an innovative drive to energize the younger demographic, particularly Gen Z and millennials, who are poised to form the largest voter groups in the upcoming 2024 elections. Through a fresh campaign, Lickstein aims to shine a light on forward-thinking, pro-choice female candidates […]

Boosting Brand Success Using Modern Marketing Techniques

Brand consistency and hyper-personalization have quickly become the backbone of marketing, driving the success of many modern businesses. Currently, only one-third of businesses enforce these guidelines, however, the potential for success using these tools is abundant. Remaining consistent across all platforms means maintaining the same voice, appearance, values, and message on all channels. From social […]

The Problem of Equitably Scoring Credit

Businesses use credit scores and reports as a common technique to evaluate a customer’s financial reliability when receiving a loan. People with good reports can go on to receive lower interest rates on loans and mortgages, among many other benefits. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 adult Americans face obstacles when trying to obtain credit because of […]

Unlocking Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps

The best way for a company to make money is to invest in their customers. This means creating a strong bond with customers that inspires their loyalty and encourages them to always choose their company among dozens of competitors. One of the most powerful ways to do this in the modern age is to create […]

To Return to The Office or To Work From Home

In 2020, millions of Americans were forced out of the office and into the world of remote work. Since then, although numbers have shrunk, many employees still work from home at least one day a week. In all industries across all states, there are still opportunities for remote work even in 2023. The United States […]

Processing Insurance with Artificial Intelligence

Finding a non-traditional method to process and capture insurance information is long overdue. There are currently no effective established methods available, and denied claims continue to plague the industry in more ways than one. Challenges of time, money, and accuracy are a dime a dozen, making it clear the need for a better way to […]