How to Use Online Banking

Are you late to online banking? You were skeptical about how the whole thing works. Or you forgot your bank offered it. After all, checks are how we pay our bills and keep track of our money.  But online banking has its perks. It’s faster, more secure, and more convenient. And best of all, it’s […]

What are NFT Games?

Unless you have purposely been trying to stay away from both the gaming and the finance worlds, there is still a slim chance you are not very familiar with the concept of NFT games.  This new creation that has managed to successfully merge the gaming and the blockchain sphere is proving itself to be fruitful […]

5 Ways To Manage A Product Recall

Product recalls happen. Just ask any of the lemon law lawyers in the Bay Area and they’ll tell you that product defects can cause some mighty tremendous ripple effects. Knowing the possibility, though, just means you should take steps to prepare for one should it ever happen. With some forward-thinking strategy, you can manage a […]

Three Ways Business Leaders Can Use AI

Business executives who are forward-thinking are figuring out how to harness tomorrow’s technologies now. As most business leaders realize, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has huge potential to change business. According to a global research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group and the MIT Sloan Management Review, 84% of the 3,000 company leaders polled believe AI will […]