How to Spruce up Your Apartment Balcony


For most people, an apartment is their first home away from home, a milestone in independence. While it might not seem like a significant accomplishment the way a house is, moving into an apartment is incredibly liberating, as it lets you live on far more liberating terms and with a greater sense of privacy than staying at your parent’s house.


Apartments are nice since you have a degree of freedom in decoration and arrangement. While it might be easy to figure out what you want for areas like your living room and bedroom, one thing you might be stuck on is making your balcony look appealing. However, with a bit of guidance, you can make your plain balcony into a pleasant, lively overlook.


Add a Splash of Green With Low-Maintenance Plants


Living on your own means you’ll be pretty busy between work, errands, and attending social events. As a result, traditional plants that need a lot of attention and ideal conditions can be more stressful than they’re worth. Thankfully, there are plenty of hardy plants that will thrive even with more passive care!


For example, marigolds are nice and bright and can bring a little sunshine to your day. They only need to be watered when the top inch is dry, giving you leeway depending on the temperature.


If you’re working with a small space, flowers like pansies and portulacas are great compact plants. And if you’re really pressed for time and have little room in your schedule to care for plants, jade plants, cacti, and desert roses are perfect for the constantly on-the-go renter’s balcony. Either way, you will have the perfect mini garden at your possession.


How Smart Layout Planning Can Give You Style and Space


Since a balcony is a compact space, there’s little room for large decor. But just because you can’t put a lot on your balcony doesn’t mean you can’t do much with it!


You can get the most out of your area by using the wall to which your balcony is attached. Planters, mirrors, small hanging paintings, or similar framed artwork can add life and color without using precious floor space.


Another idea is to decorate the railing. You can install planters on it, drape colorful cloths over it, or set up half-height privacy screens against it for some style and security.


For the balcony itself, a smart idea would be to focus on usable furniture like chairs and tables. Furniture you can sit down on fills space while still allowing you to move around it.


Make Your Balcony a Space You Love


Getting some fresh air without the pretenses of work or errands now and then is good for you, so keeping that in mind while decorating your apartment balcony can give you a clear idea of how to decorate it.


Think of how you’d like to spend your time outside. Wood chairs and tables are ideal if you like eating outdoors or having friends over to chat. However, soft chairs and daybeds should be your go-to if you prefer to lounge around and unwind.


Color is also important to consider. Use colors you’d enjoy seeing for extended periods of time. Consider natural warm colors or muted cooler tones as a starting point.


Lastly, consider adding a fantastical or global touch to it; Decorate it with fancy lanterns to make it look magical, or use decor from another country to feel like you’re on vacation whenever you step outside.


In Conclusion


You can do plenty with the small space a balcony provides if you’re willing to be particularly creative about it. All you have to do is look at it like a challenge instead of a limitation.


Image by 👀 Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

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