4 Industries That Have Frequent Workers' Compensation Cases

4 Industries That Have Frequent Workers’ Compensation Cases

Everyone who wants to make an honest living works hard. That’s true no matter what the position is. Some jobs take more out of us physically, while others deplete our emotional and mental well-being.

There are reasons why truckers, nurses, construction workers, and law enforcement officers make the most workers’ compensation claims. It’s also interesting that each one of these professions has one aspect of their health in common that often is compromised on the job.

1- Trucking

Ergonomic injuries, also known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), afflicted about 30% of the 900,380 truckers missing work in 2018. MSDs occur from keeping the body in the same position for prolonged periods.

MSDs may affect every area of the body. However, these conditions might target the nerves the most, causing carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition also may result in back pain and neck strain. Awkward feelings in the tendons and ligaments may also occur when performing routine tasks.

Of course, being on the road more often than people who only drive less than an hour to and from work doesn’t help. Truckers put themselves at a higher risk for motor vehicle accidents.

2- Nurses

Nurses have to lift patients. This often results in slipped discs, which excruciates the lower back. The repetitive stress of daily motions also causes injuries in the legs, arms, back, shoulders, or neck.

“Sharps” injuries also are one of the most serious problems a nurse faces. A person working in this role may accidentally puncture themselves with a needle, scalpel, or another sharp object. When this happens, they increase the risk of exposure to blood-borne infections

3- Construction

Construction workers often fall from scaffolding, ladders, or rooftops. They also expose themselves to hazardous substances, such as silica dust, lead, asbestos, and other airborne agents.

Some workers might also cut off a finger with a saw. Otherwise, maybe they accidentally “shoot” themselves with an automated nail gun or stapler. Trips and falls, dropping items on the feet – you name it, construction workers deal with it.

4- Law Enforcement

Much of the violence that a law enforcement person faces is not by accident. They might end up in fist duels, gun raids, and knife fights, and they’re not always on the winning end. High-speed chase crashes also occur in the police world…they don’t just happen on television.

The Stress of It All

Any high-stress job, such as the ones that take a toll on the body, also may wear down the mind. Many truckers, nurses, construction workers, and police officers end up seeking mental health treatment.

Every state handles the issue of acquiring workers’ compensation for mental health conditions differently though. One of the most common cases covered by workers’ compensation is PTSD. Other conditions resulting from mental burnout, regardless of profession, may also be covered.

Being compensated for mental health conditions is a fairly new phenomenon. Much is left to be desired for it. However, more people working in high-stress positions will seek payouts for mental health treatments in the future.


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