Giants report card: Bad, bad, bad

Grading the Giants’ 30-10 loss to the Buccaneers on Monday night.


Bad, bad,bad. The Buccaneers had no starting defensive backs and Daniel Jones and Co. were their only run-stopper. There were only 215 yards total, 54 plays, and three points on sustained drives. Blech. Jones threw the first of his two interceptions in the third quarter. It was a panic throw which could not happen. Saquon Barkley returned but made no impact — 6-25 rushing, 6-31 receiving. Although the pass from Kadarius toney was creative it didn’t fool the Bucs. Terrible execution — too much rushing to the line — on a brutal fourth-and-1 call that resulted in a failed pass. The opening drive was harmed by RG Will Hernandez’s false start. Hernandez had to endure a difficult outing, as he was penalized for holding (and again by the Bucs).

Grade: F

Daniel Jones and the Giants' offense looked anemic against the Buccaneers' defense.
Daniel Jones and the Giants’ offense looked anemic against the Buccaneers’ defense.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post


There were no sacks for Tom Brady or pressure on Tom Brady. Also, there was no threat to Tom Brady. It was not an aggressive tactic. The Bucs started the year off with a touchdown drive that was easy. Their total yardage was 402 and they had 28 first downs. Did CB James Bradberry become a one hit wonder? CB James Bradberry has regressed from 2020, and he hugged Mike Evans at the end zone during a third-quarter TD reception. Quincy Roche didn’t seal the victory on what was to become a Ronald Jones scoring drive. Rob Gronkowski (661), TE, took advantage of the fact that his quarterback didn’t have to wait as long for his targets. Although the work against the run was good, Logan Ryan’s absence on the back sideline was quite noticeable. Leonard Williams is too quiet.

Grade: F

Special Teams

In the second quarter, Riley Dixon made a punt of 52 yards to the Tampa 15 yard line. Dixon finished with three kicks inside the 20, Graham Gano’s field goal was his 37 yard attempt.



Joe Judge’s tone after this game was far different than after previous losses and he certainly made it sound as if changes will be coming to his offensive staff. Judge and his staff were to blame. Jason Garrett’s offense was healthier than it has been all season and yet the results are not there. Not even close. Evidently, Patrick Graham, the Bucs’ defensive coordinator wanted to keep his team in the game and make them take small yards. Although it prevented many big plays, the plan proved ineffective. Brady was not given any heat. It was completely unimpressive at every level.

Grade: F

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