Internet Marketer Jurgen Cautreels

Jurgen Cuatreels Shares Where He Thinks Internet Marketing Is Headed In 2023

Internet marketing has progressed over the past few years to become the mainstay of most businesses marketing efforts. And the fact that so many new businesses are joining the ranks of well-established ones in utilizing internet marketing is evidence of its applicability in the modern world.

Notwithstanding, businesses need to spend more than just time and money to develop strategies for their internet marketing to be successful. They also need to keep an eye on how internet marketing is evolving to ensure that anything they implement will be useful and not redundant.

In this article, we’ll review several predictions made by marketing expert Jurgen Cuatreels on the future of internet marketing.

Specialized Internet Marketing Tools Will Become Popular

While there are already so many tools employed in internet marketing activities, a lot more are expected to be launched in the near future that will be used for more niche-specific purposes rather than general purposes.

This will inevitably lead to a more effective internet marketing campaign as its facets will be properly finetuned by the different experts who have mastered the various tools.

Rise in Marketing on Blogs

Blogs will be the most resourceful place for written content rather than expensive e-books. No one would want to pay hundreds of dollars for an expensive e-book when the information needed can be easily sourced on blogs.

Also, blogs recommending a product or service will get more people raving about it. Businesses will therefore spend more money marketing their products on various blogs. The feedback from reviews by the blogger and the community can then be applied to improve the product or develop new ones.

More Podcast Advertisements

Just like blogging, podcasting is also expected to be on the rise and is considered one of the best channels for internet marketing today. Podcasts are extremely effective marketing tools because more people can readily determine the host’s level of expertise and how practical the subject matter is for their lives.

Ultimately, brands will find it simpler to spread important information and persuade audiences to try out novel products and services on sale since they can capitalize on the listeners’ trust in the podcast host.

More User Generated Content

A brand marketing its products by explaining how it can benefit its potential customers is bound to get less traction than an existing customer recounting their personal experience with a product.

This is because hearing a customer describe how a product has affected their life will arouse more emotions and inspire greater faith in the hearts of potential buyers. In addition, it will give them a clearer understanding of the practical use of the product.

If correctly utilized, user-generated content can be a self-sufficient way to produce leads, and as such, it will be increasingly widely used in the future.


Taking advantage of these forecasts in advance will undoubtedly help you increase sales, regardless of whether you are a business owner or a marketing professional. Additionally, it will ensure more verbally captivating, personable, and engaged communication with your devoted clients and, by extension, increase the target market’s awareness of your brand.

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