The Difference an Influence Network Makes

Alumni, defined by their influence networks, have been prominent in higher education and corporate circles for years. For colleges, these networks provide large percentages of the institution’s funding, for corporations they boost sales and development alike. A question that remains is what are the benefits for individuals? 

The reality is being involved in a strong alumni network makes a massive difference in how an employer is perceived. There is a six times increase in employer attractiveness once invested in an alumni network. Business founders involved in alumni networks also raise far more capital than their competitors. 

For employees and employers alike there is a difference as well. Employers see more effective and innovative employees with an alumni network. Actively engaging with alumni networks leads to better outcomes for all involved. Although not all alumni networks are made equal, and not all are used to their full potential. 

This is why alumni networks are such a hidden variable today. They have massive influence but in many ways act indirectly. Excluding their influence on college’s funding, they tend to give less direct contributions. Anyone, notably, can be involved in alumni networks. Is it easier for those with alumni family members? Absolutely. Although neglecting to develop connections is something that one can only blame themselves for.

The Power of Influence Networks
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