Boosting Brand Success Using Modern Marketing Techniques

Brand consistency and hyper-personalization have quickly become the backbone of marketing, driving the success of many modern businesses. Currently, only one-third of businesses enforce these guidelines, however, the potential for success using these tools is abundant.

Remaining consistent across all platforms means maintaining the same voice, appearance, values, and message on all channels. From social media, to emails, to articles, the brand’s image is one of the most important aspects of marketing. These consistent interactions with consumers can help boost revenue and increase loyalty among the consumer base. Inconsistent branding can lead to confusion, interruptions in the sales cycle, and can hinder the company’s ability to generate leads.

Hyper-personalization is another important tool when it comes to modern marketing. Unlike traditional targeting, individualized marketing is focused on data, browsing history, and consumer preferences, and is empowered by machine learning algorithms. With this advanced technology, brands can personalize the user experience, making users more likely to continue to use the service or buy the product.

Many companies have found success using these methods. From Netflix, to Starbucks, to EasyJet, to Spotify, each brand has created their own strategy for customer retention. There is no doubt that these strategies will continue to reign supreme as we move further into this age of technological advancement.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard