Colors in the Home and Marketing

The effects of color in psychology have only expanded year over year. Today they’re shown to affect appetite, mood, memory, and attention. It then should come as no surprise to learn that colors are extremely influential in many facets of life. Two of the most prominent being the home and marketing. In the home, several […]

Startup Solutions Solving Medical Field Problems

Many industries have already experienced the benefits of adopting automated processes into their daily routines. With even basic administrative tasks being completed by AI-powered systems, companies are increasing their productivity and saving millions of dollars. The medical field is the next big industry to start using these systems in order to solve problems they experience […]

How to Pick Out New Sheets: A Guide

Sleep is critical to human health. Yet it goes underappreciated; even people who watch their diet and exercise regularly may neglect their sleep. While there are a lot of factors that play into how well someone sleeps, their physical environment is major. People with substandard bedding won’t sleep as well as people with a soft, […]

The Rise of Cyber Wars

Cyber attacks have been taking place since the dawn of computers. It was inevitable that with the birth of the internet, there would be negative consequences, too. However, these cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent and their effects more deteriorating than ever before.   In March 2022, there were more than 6 billion potential cyber […]