Unlocking Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps

The best way for a company to make money is to invest in their customers. This means creating a strong bond with customers that inspires their loyalty and encourages them to always choose their company among dozens of competitors. One of the most powerful ways to do this in the modern age is to create a loyalty rewards app. These apps work by generating points in a customer’s account if they make a purchase. These points can lead to awesome wins such as a huge discount, exclusive deals, or even a free product. In turn, customers are encouraged to keep their business with the company whose app they have downloaded, as it can lead to future rewards.  

There are several industries that are using this loyalty rewards app strategy, chief among them the restaurant, shopping, and travel industries. Some of these apps are favored among different phone users. For example, on the Google Play store, Sam’s Club is the number one most downloaded app in the shopping category. However, among the App Store, Costco is preferred and Sam’s Club is not even visible on the list. Some apps are extremely popular no matter which app store is being used. Starbucks, Esty, and Delta Airlines all top the list in their respective categories.

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps