To Return to The Office or To Work From Home

In 2020, millions of Americans were forced out of the office and into the world of remote work. Since then, although numbers have shrunk, many employees still work from home at least one day a week. In all industries across all states, there are still opportunities for remote work even in 2023. The United States relies on working from home more than any other country, benefitting both employees and employers alike.

Employees benefit in many ways from remote work opportunities. Because it eliminates the need for a commute, workers can save time and money that they would otherwise spend preparing for and getting to the office. In addition, after the work day is over, these workers will have more flexibility in their schedule to spend with family and friends. Employers also benefit from remote work, as employee satisfaction and engagement is increased within this model. Working from home reduces absenteeism, can boost productivity, and even lowers turnover rates. 

The interest for remote work is there, all we need is to ensure that companies have the proper tools to keep this work model alive. With effective collaboration platforms and reliable IT resources, the demands of a digital age can be met and exceeded through remote work.

Return To Office or Work From Home?