Junk Silver vs. Pure Silver

The informal phrase “junk silver” refers to silver coinage that has no value other than the worth of the precious metal it contains. Collectors and investors often apply this designation to a variety of coins made before 1965 because of the high amount of silver contained inside them. But remember, the precious metals market is […]

Liquid Investments For Beginners

Have you been wondering whether you should build a liquid investment portfolio, but are uncertain about where to start? To really get ahead of the game, educating yourself first about which liquid investment is right for you is the best way to build wealth and avoid any risks you might encounter along the way. What […]

When Is Covid Considered a Disability? 

There’s no denying that COVID has completely changed our lives, including in the workplace. Besides the social distancing rules and work-from-home situations that many companies are implementing when able, COVID can also affect job performance when the illness’s lingering effects start to impair a person mentally or physically. Hopefully if you’ve had COVID-19, the symptoms […]

Mobile-first Marketing: Advertising to Gen Z

Gen Z is named the most disruptive generation.  By 2031, Gen Z’s income will increase 5 times as they become the next generation of consumers.  They are projected to surpass Millennials’ income, reach over one-quarter of global income, and grow to over $2 trillion in global earnings.  Gen Z is also the most diverse generation: […]

What is Geographical Data Enrichment?

Over the last two decades, the world of technology has changed in ways that are hard to comprehend. The rise in advancements across the board from personal cell phones to eCommerce and even home technologies is astounding. Where there was a time when people knew how to use physical maps to plan out their vacations […]

How to Manage a Child with Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy have unique requirements. Although your child’s physicians and therapists manage much of their therapy, there are significant ways you can help make their life simpler. Cerebral palsy affects everyone differently, thus no two families have the same experience when it comes to their child’s care and treatment of cerebral palsy. Whether […]