5 Savvy Ideas for Using Yard Signs to Advertise for a Business

5 Savvy Ideas for Using Yard Signs to Advertise for a Business

Today, most businesses spend a large portion of their marketing campaign on digital marketing. After all, experts are in our ears telling us if you are not advertising on social media, have a website, and know about SEO, your business will not be successful. Smaller companies do not have large marketing budgets. Yard signs are an efficient and affordable way to add to your marketing strategy. Here are five savvy ideas for using yard signs to advertise a business.

1- Put QR Codes on Your Sign

There is only so much information a yard sign can contain. After all, the point of a yard sign is to grab someone’s attention and give a few details to process as they pass by. However, business owners still want them to take action. The QR Code is a digital form of a call to action. By scanning, potential clients can learn more about your business, sign up for an email, or even get a coupon.

2- Do Not Use a Square or Rectangle Sign

Do not use the same shape sign as every other business in town. You want your sign to stand out among the signs on the corner. Signs come in a variety of shapes. If possible, use a shape that represents your business. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you want to use a sign shaped like a house. If you own a car repair shop, consider a sign in the shape of a truck. The shape will give onlookers an idea regarding your business without words.

3- Location is Everything

Your business may offer the most unique products in town; however, if no one knows your location, you will not make any sales. The same goes for your yard sales. Place your signs near locations where your target audience frequents if possible. Yard signs often get removed for various reasons. Make sure to take pictures to remember where they are. Check on them and move them around to reach new audiences. Do not forget to ask family and friends to place your signs in their yards or near their businesses.

4- Change It Up for the Holidays and Seasons

Does your business run a spring fling promotion or a Christmas in July sale? Fun seasonal signs reveal a bit about a company’s personality while adding a festive touch. Seasonal signs will stick out from the crowd and capture the customer’s attention. Who won’t notice Santa in Hawaiian print shorts in the summer?

5- Keep It Simple

It is alright to have some fun with your yard signs. After all, you are trying to grab someone’s attention. However, remember you only have seconds to get someone’s attention. Keep your sign simple. If using images, only use one. Do not clutter your sign with information. Signs should have a lot of white space. Stick to two colors and use large lettering. Consider using a directional arrow pointing to the call of action.

Yard signs are a valuable tool to add to your marketing toolbox. They are inexpensive and visible while letting businesses add a personal touch. They are a blank canvas waiting to fulfill your advertising needs.