In the Battle of Inkjet Versus Laser, There is a Clear Winner

Today, 8 in 10 small businesses around the world rely on printers to perform daily operations. Whether you run an agency that helps with content marketing tips or a small business on main street, chances are, you use printing more than you might realize. In fact, 50% percent of all businesses say they cannot operate without a printer, forcing them to turn to hasty purchases when current ones fail. As consumer grade printers are unsuited to day-to-day business operations, businesses are then left to deal with high costs and low quality. In fact, 69% of small business owners find it difficult to source any reliable office supplies- including printers. 

Unfortunately, the difficulty does not stop there. Everyday printers are easily susceptible to internet attack, as more than half of all internet connected printers are unsecured. In order to  address the issues of high costs, low quality, and an unsecured network, businesses should research to find the best small business printer option available.

Ink for a traditional black ink printer can cost more than 12K per gallon, even more than the price of insulin. They use 20-50% of each expensive cartridge merely for cleaning and maintenance. In comparison, laser toner costs 5 cents and does not smudge, dry up, or expire. Most laser toner printers can also detect and thwart any security issues. As modern business owners look to replace dated legacy printers with solutions of the future, they are looking to laser toner printers. Make an informed decision before you buy.

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought