Why You Should Write On Medium.com

If you’re like a lot of writers, you may be finding it difficult to get your content out there. Traditionally styled blog posts are hard to come across these days, and publishing an article on a credible site can be challenging. There can also be a large fee associated with publishing your article on a good site, or they may not want to publish your article at all. 

Fortunately, there is a perfect solution to this problem. The answer is using Medium.com. They let writers publish their articles on their site so that they can gain more publicity. Unlike other sites where you submit articles to be reviewed, you have much more freedom with Medium and can write about anything you desire.

We’ve compiled a list of a few reasons why writing on Medium is something every writer, whether they are just starting out or are established in the industry, should consider writing on Medium.

Real Articles on Medium

One of the most common reasons people don’t want to use Medium is that they don’t believe their articles belong on a platform where anyone can post. This is not the case.

There are a plethora of established and credible writers who use Medium today. From in-depth financial articles to casual travel posts, Medium welcomes all types of content.


Probably the biggest draw to Medium is the fact that anyone can sign up for an account and begin the process of writing an article and publishing it, with no fees or barriers to entry. Many well-known publishing sites like Forbes or Entrepreneur are hard to get published on and have rigorous requirements, while Medium has neither of those.

Quality Remains

If you’re concerned that your article may get lost among other articles published on the site, do not fret. The founders of Medium have said multiple times that they want to ensure readers get the best quality articles, and they give fantastic metrics to see how you’re doing.

Writing on Medium will improve the quality of your own writing, as you can watch how well your articles are doing based on the metrics provided. In addition to this, Medium offers mentoring programs and assists in editing. We also recommend checking out this guide on how to get your first story published on Medium.

Get Paid

While a lot of people use Medium solely to grow their audience, it can also be a good platform to make some solid cash. And, in some cases, the income off Medium can be enough for a decent side gig.

Launched in 2018, The Medium Partner Program will pay you based on how many members have read your articles and other content. They look at the time spent on your articles, and the number of “claps” you receive to decide how much you make. The $5 per month Medium charges its members is distributed evenly among the articles they viewed, basically.


Writing on Medium in 2022 is a must for aspiring and credible writers, as the platform is truly built for everyone. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience or get some good income, we recommend looking into Medium.


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