Visibility deteriorates as pollution cloaks China’s capital

BEIJING, Nov 5 – Visibility in parts of Beijing was less than 219 yards on Friday as heavy pollution shrouded the Chinese capital, forcing the closure of some highways.

Beijing issued its first heavy pollutant alert for fall and winter on Thursday. It required the suspension of outdoor construction, factory operations, and outdoor school activities.

Visibility has been severely limited with the top of the city’s tallest buildings vanishing in the haze.

The heavily industrialized Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region often suffers from heavy smog in the fall and winter, especially on days without wind.

The weekend will see a cold wave from Siberia that is expected to disperse pollution.

According to the environment ministry, China wants to reduce concentrations of PM2.5, a dangerous, small-sized airborne particle known as PM2.5, by an average of 4% per year in major cities.

According to the US Embassy Beijing on Friday, the PM2.5 level reached as high as 234 micrograms/cubic meters in urban areas. This indicates very unhealthy indoor air.

China’s overall 2021-22 winter campaign against pollution will be waged in as many as 64 cities throughout the industrialized, smog-prone north, the ministry said in September.

China will host the Winter Olympics in Beijing on February 4-20.

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