NDR: the Future of Cybersecurity

At this moment, in the digital world, the biggest threat to network security is dark space. To elaborate, dark space is any network infrastructure that doesn’t appear in the “golden store” of configuration data, including firewalls, routers, proxies, load balancers, endpoints, and hosts. Alarmingly 70% of networks are dark space, and attackers use this dark space to have free reign to terrorize wherever they want. At first, to combat cybercriminals encrypted traffic was implemented to make it harder for them to read other’s data thus preventing them access to data that wasn’t theirs. Unfortunately, as tech has advanced, cybercriminals are using encryption to mask their activities. 

To create a solid defense against this new threat, what is needed is an NDR platform. In short, NDR is a program that detects odd activity across encrypted traffic and alerts the user of malicious activity. However, in the works is something that will take this platform to a whole new level. Developers have incorporated AI technology with NDR to create the next generation of cyber security. Dubbed “Threat Eye”,  this NDR uses advanced behavioral analysis to build a fingerprint of all assets and behavior patterns and monitors for anomalous usage. With the use of AI, threat detection is simplified meaning response time is decreased which makes it quicker to deal with the threat on-site.

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action


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