What to Include in Your Personal Website Bio

We live in exciting times. Technology is giving us something new every day. The internet is rapidly growing and changing the way that we live our lives. To take advantage of this growing space, entrepreneurs and aspiring business professionals are building personal websites to elevate their presence.

Whether you are looking to market your latest and greatest idea or simply are trying to cement space on the web for yourself, you are going to need to offer some insight into what makes your product special. This typically means selling yourself through a personal website bio like this.

Today, we are going to offer a few tips and pieces of information that you can act on to build the perfect bio for your website.

Developing Your Website Bio

Delivering a bio about yourself and your services can sound easy but that isn’t always the case. While every professional should make a branded bio, they should also take time to understand what each style of bio requires from them.

Let’s take a look at two biography styles to get an idea as to what we should include.

Personal Biography – Most of the time, a personal bio for your self-titled website is meant to give a peek behind the curtains as to who you are. Think of the little things that people will lock onto: your name, role, and even the goal you have for yourself and your platform. You will also want to spend some time weaving in your greatest achievements, dreams, and desires.

Personal biographies are allowed to be a little more playful and personal. You want to sell not only yourself but what sets you apart, so don’t be afraid to dip into what makes you who you are. Let the world know who you are as well as who you want to become.

Professional Biography – When we move away from the relatively few restrictions that a personal bio has, we have to become much more particular with our content. Short bios are the norm for professionals looking to establish their name on the internet. You will want to grab the attention of your reader while keeping them around long enough to show off what makes you special.

A professional biography will have a few more specific demands that will need to be accounted for.

Role and Professional Tagline – What do you do? What can you offer prospective clients or partners? Start with a tagline and then build your company or personal brand from there.

Credentials and Achievements – You’ve worked hard to build a resume that matters, so make sure to show it off. Sprinkle in your credentials and achievements throughout your bio to showcase your skills. Keep your achievements limited, however, by sticking to just the most impressive ones in your history.

Goals and Aspirations – Set the tone for who you are today as well as who you want to become down the line. Give prospective clients a reason to shoot for the stars and to dream big with your services.


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