What is Web3 and How is it Changing the Workplace?

The internet is the single most transformative invention of the past century. It has touched every corner of people’s lives and reached billions of people around the globe. While the world wide web started as an untamed landscape of text, it has since grown to include images, video, sound, and corporate ownership. Now, the internet’s changing how workers in every industry view and approach their work. The blockchains and decentralized applications of Web3 technologies are encouraging more people than ever to take control of their working life. 

One way Web3 is changing the workplace is through the job titles people hold. New digital roles are in high demand. Full stack developers, technologists, and data scientists all saw over a 100% increase in demand over the past year. All of these jobs come with high compensation packages.

Digital tools are also changing the makeup of the modern workforce. More people than ever are pursuing self-driven careers. That can mean they become self-employed or that they seek out organizations that offer greater flexibility. 2 in 3 people considered quitting their jobs in 2021 because of greater opportunities. By 2028, there could be 90 million self-employed workers setting their own duties and schedules.

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work
Source: Opolis.co


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