The Power of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to strengthen relationships with clients and partners, foster growth, and create new opportunities. Studies have shown that corporate gifts can be an effective way to retain customers and improve brand loyalty, as well as boost word of mouth. 43% of US respondents believe corporate gifts improve relationships. 

One way to enhance the impact of corporate gifting is to align your brand with a specific archetype, or personality, tone, and voice that resonates with your target audience. There are 12 major brand archetypes that were developed by Carl Jung in the 1940’s. This includes the Outlaw, the Magician, the Hero, the Lover, and the Everyman, among others. By choosing corporate gifts that align with your brand archetype, you can create an instant emotional connection with your clients, improve your sales, and raise ROI. 

Some examples of corporate gifting ideas for different brand archetypes include libation accessories for the Outlaw, unconventional gifts for the Magician, practical tools for the Hero, natural products for the Innocent, and outdoor goods for the Explorer, among others. Ultimately, corporate gifting can be a highly effective way to build relationships, generate leads, and create brand ambassadors for your business.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype


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