The Importance of Proper Window Installation

Learning all the different parts of a window and getting them installed properly is more important and can save you more money than you think. Windows are vital for keeping out water and maintaining a comfortable room temperature. Cracks and tiny gaps from poor installation where the time and effort necessary wasn’t taken can cause massive problems later down the line. These gaps can create air leaks and drafts, as well as cause asthma or other airway problems. Even tiny cracks can also let water in, leading to condensation and fog inside windows, as well as mold, mildew, and rot in the surrounding frame or wall. 

Up to 30% of a home’s heated or cooled air escapes through gaps around windows and this poor insulation can end up costing hundreds of dollars per year. The average US homes between 1700 and 2600 sqft lose upwards of $300 per year just from not replacing their windows. Replacing single or even double pane windows with triple pane windows can lead to a dramatic improvement of the performance of these windows.
Learn more about what type of window is best to save you the most money and how to get that window professionally installed here.

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