The Future of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Many conference goers and brands alike had to rapidly adjust to keep up and pivot the reality of the global pandemic. As a result, many mainstay conferences needed to go virtual nearly overnight. Now, as pandemic restrictions have mainly abated, businesses are continuing to hold virtual as well as hybrid events.

Will events mainly go back to normal, in-person experiences, or are virtual and hybrid events here to stay? Learn more about the future of virtual and hybrid events in the following infographic created by Engagez to help you decide.

The infographic below explores the following concepts:

  • The pandemic shift to digital engagement – people are craving connections and meaning
  • Where audiences have moved – how they have been willing to experiment on different digital platforms
  • Challenges of designing online platforms to keep and hold interest – many people are getting Zoomed out and are more discerning, wanting better experiences
  • The landscape of virtual and hybrid events – pros and cons, as well as paring persistent digital campuses

Check out the full infographic below.

The power of virtual events


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