7 Industries That Should Utilize Touchscreen Tech in Operations

7 Industries That Should Utilize Touchscreen Tech in Operations

Touchscreens are among the most frequently used pieces of modern technology. Nearly everyone has them literally at their fingertips in the form of smartphones, car navigational systems, and more.

Industries like healthcare and finance have a lot to gain by adopting sophisticated touchscreen solutions into their operations. Here are just some of the ways touchscreens serve seven major global sectors.

1. Retail

Retail touchscreen systems fall into two primary classes – point of sale and inventory solutions. PoS systems handle customer-facing transactions. Inventory solutions allow the tracking and management of goods, generating report tables at the touch of a button. Touchscreens are generally less resource-intensive than traditional software solutions, and employees typically find using touchscreen technology easier over a traditional retail computer system and equipment.

2. Gaming

Touchscreen gaming options are fun and easy to use. User familiarity with touchscreen interfaces makes these a natural solution for any modern gaming environment. They are durable, easy to update, and support all the newest games. Touchscreen systems are also easy to implement.

3. Hospitality

Today’s leading hospitality operations are often limited by space. Touchscreen technology is slim, lightweight, and capable of operating under parameters traditional systems would balk at. This makes touchscreen solutions ideal for modern hospitality settings. Small tables and desks are all that’s required to handle check-ins, booking, reservation confirmations, and the other detailed coordination hospitality leaders must address on a daily basis.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare operations need to track complex, detailed information that must be kept highly secure at each level of interaction. Touchscreen systems can be designed for patient-facing interaction, team-facing interaction, and more. Patient check-in, questionnaires, surveys, and other data gathering can all be handled by touchscreen tools.

5. Industrial

Many industries can benefit from the implementation of touchscreen technology. Machine operation and systems monitoring can be accomplished by a touchscreen interface designed with specific companies in mind. Industry-specific designs address the challenges faced by the hardworking members of the agriculture, oil field, gas, and mining sectors.

6. Financial

Finance is another industry that is concerned with accuracy, detailed information, and privacy. Touchscreen technology has risen to the challenge of this field by developing tools that help businesses create detailed financial reports, develop projections, and investigate past activity with a greater level of detail than ever before. The financial sector benefits from the responsiveness of touchscreen tools and their ease of use; this is a great benefit when working across time zones.

7. Fitness

Touchscreen apps and other personalized user solutions are a natural fit for the health and fitness industry. Users can track activity, nutritional intake, and other forms of personal progress in engaging ways; trainers can also generate examination reports to develop personalized solutions for their clients. Touchscreen technology works on compact personal devices, making it ideal for on-the-go users.

These are just some of the global industries that are discovering the full potential touchscreens that offer to insiders as well as end-users. Take a closer look at touchscreens to learn exactly what they can do for you.