5 Reasons to Have a Commercial Green Space Treated for Bugs

5 Reasons to Have a Commercial Green Space Treated for Bugs

Keeping commercial properties clean and inviting for your customers requires a team effort. Currently, you may already have a landscaping crew that helps to keep the grass and trees trimmed. You may also employ a crew of people who are hired to pick up debris that tends to accumulate in outdoor spaces. Now, you’ll want to consider these five reasons why your commercial property also needs regular pest control treatments.

1- Maintain Pest-Free Water Features

Having a pond or fountain on your commercial property creates a relaxing oasis for your customers. But, these features are prone to attracting bugs during certain times of the year, and a cloud of mosquitos is a major problem. Arranging for mosquito control treatments makes it possible to keep water features beautifully free from flying pests.

2- Create an Attractive Space for Customers

No one wants to see fleas hopping onto their legs as they walk up a sidewalk to enter a business. Nor, does anyone want to have mosquitos buzzing around while they enjoy dining on an outdoor patio. Establishing a pest-free area for your customers to enjoy is good for your business. Many pest control treatment methods eliminate multiple types of insects, which gives you a fast way to make sure every customer feels comfortable on your commercial property.

3- Avoid Contributing to Flea and Tick Infestations

If you own a commercial property that is open to dogs, then you’ll need to be especially cautious about contributing to growing flea and tick infestations in your community. Restaurants that allow dogs to enjoy patio dining with their human companions are prone to pest problems. The same is also true of parks and other outdoor venues that encourage people to bring their pets. Planning regularly scheduled pest control treatments can ensure that every pet is safe from annoying fleas and tick bites.

4- Reduce Liabilities on Your Property

Unfortunately, pests are more than just annoying. Many insects carry diseases that are transferable to humans. Being able to provide documentation of pest control treatments is one way to prevent your commercial property from being held liable for someone’s illness. Your company can also prevent slip-and-fall accidents that could occur if people feel the need to run through the outdoor space to escape pests.

5- Protect Sensitive Populations With Safer Treatments

Partnering with a pest control company that offers multiple treatment options gives your business the chance to eliminate nuisance insects while also caring for sensitive populations. If you own a commercial green space that serves seniors, children, and other people who might have sensitivities to both pets and chemicals, then working with a company can give you access to all-natural forms of pest control.

Whether you have a green space that backs up to a small restaurant patio or an expansive outdoor park that seniors and children enjoy, it’s important to pay attention to every detail regarding the property’s maintenance. Pest control treatments are fast and effective, which provides your company with a simple way to create a comfortable outdoor area. As you plan for treatments, remember to work with your technician to identify the best schedule and pest control method to fit your property’s needs. Taking a customized approach to pest control gives the best results.


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