5 Great Ways To Streamline Your Cleaning Routine

No matter how haphazard or organized your cleaning routine may be, there are always way to make it more efficient, and below are 5 great ways to get your cleaning done quickly, but properly:

  1. Formulate a cleaning plan

Without a basic cleaning plan (even if it’s in your head and not on paper or an excel file), you can never truly expect to be able to streamline your cleaning routine. Whether you set aside one morning a week for cleaning, do a little every day or save it all up for one day a fortnight, with a plan in place, you can make sure your entire home is being cleaned, and in the most logical way possible. 

  1. Set up daily cleaning tasks

If this isn’t already what you do, it probably should be. With a few simple tasks that you can easily take care of in less than 30 minutes, you can keep on top of the cleaning and prevent your deeper cleans from taking you hours on end to complete. 

  1. Put your cleaning supplies in one place

Knowing where your cleaning supplies are and being able to access them quickly and easily when you need them, can be extremely helpful. That said, it can also be helpful to have more than one cleaning kit, so that if there’s a spillage upstairs, you don’t have to go downstairs to get your home cleaning tools and vice versa. 

  1. Pick up and tidy as you go

Now this really is a simple tip, but you’d be surprised what a difference it can make to your cleaning routine. If you pick something up and take it to another location that it doesn’t belong in, once you’ve done with it, be sure to put it back where it belongs. Getting other members of the household to do the same makes this tip all the more effective, and if you spot something that looks out of place, resist the temptation to walk on by without tidying it up or putting it away. 

  1. Don’t cook an elaborate dinner on cleaning days

If you know that you’re going to devote a morning, afternoon or day to cleaning, don’t stretch yourself by planning an intricate evening meal. Schedule a simple meal so that you can concentrate on cleaning and not be distracted by thoughts of food prep and cooking, and give yourself more time to devote to cleaning, too. Streamlined cleaning can help you drastically reduce your cleaning time, help you feel more fulfilled, and keep your home cleaner, for longer. If it all sounds like too much effort, however, or no matter how streamlined your cleaning routine becomes, you still won’t have the time to execute it thoroughly, simply opt for a cleaning service to help you as regularly as needed.


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