Why Are Women Finally Returning to the Office

In 2020, the number of women who left the workplace reached 2 million. But it looks like they are finally returning now. By March 2023, the number of women in the labor force nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels with factors such as more dependable schooling options, less company closures, and better health outlook contributing to the decision to return. Although the share of workers in growing industries who are women has been gradually increasing, many women are struggling against barriers that make them hesitant to return to work

These barriers include ageism in the workplace, caregiving responsibilities (especially with the high cost of childcare), and the overall lack of confidence in women due to breaks in their careers and issues with lookism. Nevertheless, women are fighting hard to reclaim their place in the workforce. Women are aiding their returning to the office with professional mentorship, hybrid roles, and investing in cosmetic surgery. 

Women want to gain confidence in their physical appearances as they head back to the office especially after childbirth. Today, women are feeling more comfortable investing in themselves. At least one in four women are thinking about cosmetic procedures when it comes to regaining their confidence in their looks, including tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and liposuctions. These procedures have probably contributed to the return of almost 1 million mothers to the workforce in December 2022 compared to December 2021. 

Women are allowed to feel confident about returning to work, and having more resources they can access will help the process.

Why women are finally returning to the office
Source: Sieber Plastic Surgery