The Benefits of Transfer Pathways

For college students, the expenses related to taking courses are the biggest deterrent from degree attainment. However, by being on a transfer pathway, you can significantly reduce associated costs of college. Essentially, you can attain credits for an associate’s degree at a community college where it is cheaper. Afterwards, you can transfer those credits to a public or private university where you can then attain your bachelor’s degree.

Considering these benefits, Kentucky has made extra effort to make transfer pathways enticing. Although there is innate cost-efficiency in transfer pathways, many students end up not fulfilling the intended transfer path. To remedy this poor transfer rate, Kentucky seeks to clarify major requirements, ensure periodic advising, and ensure credits completely transfer to public universities. Furthermore, Kentucky emphasizes providing equity to potentially disparaged students. Minority and lower-income students face a lower likelihood of successfully transferring to a public or private university. By providing resources to break down any informational barriers, you allow disadvantaged students to make better advised decisions. 

Overall, this leads to a more focused approach to attaining a bachelor’s degree, and ultimately more students achieving a bachelor’s degree. Fundamentally, transfer pathways are invaluable for a large majority of bachelor’s degree seekers. The benefits largely outweigh the minor disadvantages and Kentucky’s efforts to increase transfer pathway students is undoubtedly a beneficial move.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative


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