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Incorporating Filtered Water Systems in Your Melbourne Abode

Filtering your home’s water supply can translate to a myriad of advantages for your health, your appliances and even the environment. The case for introducing a filtered water system, including water softener upgrades, in your Melbourne abode is increasingly becoming compelling, especially with significant statistics indicating that Melbourne’s tap water contains contaminants such as nitrate, lead, and copper.

Understanding Water Filters

Primarily, you might wonder about the essence of a water filter. Essentially, it is a system integrated into your plumbing to eradicate impurities and harmful substances from municipal or well water piped into your home for domestic usage. Today’s filters can eliminate over 2,000 types of contaminants while keeping necessary minerals intact.

The Working Mechanism of Water Filters

Water filtering technologies exploit different methods such as distillation, UV radiation, or activated carbon absorption to remove the harmful components in the water. The complex filtration process ensures that none of the harmful elements seep through while letting the purified, enriched water flow into your taps at home.

Health Benefits of Filtered Water

A key reason you should consider installing a home filtered water system is its benefits for health. By removing harmful contaminants, filtered water helps in preventing many ailments like brain damage from lead ending up being toxic to organs. Regular intake of filtered water can result in better skin, improved digestion and immune system.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Setting up a home filtered water system is an eco-friendly choice.Producing bottled water uses around 17 million barrels of oil annually while only a fraction winds up recycled. When you switch to filtered water, you contribute towards reducing plastic pollution.

Savings on Your Wallet

Though the initial cost of installing a filtered water system might seem high, in the long term, it turns out to be a more economical choice. Buying bottled water, in contrast, leaves you with endless costs that accumulate over time. Switching to a home water filter can help savings significant amounts annually.

Elevated Taste and Smell

Filtered water improves the flavor of your drinking water while significantly enhancing its odor, offering a better refreshing experience. Filtration removes harmful contaminants which usually give off a metallic taste leaving you with clean and fresh tasting water.

Extension of Appliance Lifespan

Hard water loaded with minerals like calcium and magnesium can damage your appliances and plumbing fixtures. A filtered water system rids your water supply of these impurities leading to less wear and tear on your appliances, ultimately prolonging their lifespan.

Type Choice: Single Tap vs Whole House Filters

Essentially, you have two choices when it comes to type: a single tap installation or a whole house installation. The former applies to one outlet, often your kitchen tap, offering filtered water for drinking and cooking. However, for comprehensive benefits covering all water uses, a whole house filter offers the best solution.

Filtration Technologies Available

It is important to understand the varieties of filtration technologies available to make an informed decision. They range from activated carbon filters, ceramic filters to reverse osmosis filters among others. Each has perks and setbacks and choosing the right one will depend on your home needs and budget.

Considerations for Melbourne Homes

The type of contaminants in Melbourne’s tap water will be a major determinant in your final choice of filter technology. Since the main pollutants are nitrate, lead, and copper, filter systems capable of handling these substances would be ideal choices for you.

Installation and Maintenance

It takes skill to properly install a home water filter ensuring it operates optimally. Professionals should do the installation to minimize chances of leaks and other issues. Similarly, regular maintenance including filter replacements will ensure your system remains effective and efficient over time.

Compliance with Local Regulations

If you reside in an apartment complex or similar housing environments, check to ensure your filtered water system complies with the governing body’s regulations. This may require professional input or approvals before installation.

Final Thoughts

Installing a filtered water system in your Melbourne home carries a multitude of benefits ranging from health to savings on your finances. It allows you and your loved ones to indulge in clean, enriched water for a healthier lifestyle while preserving your environment. Taking into account the type of contaminants, the type of filter technology for your needs, as well as installation and maintenance considerations will give you an upper hand in integrating this life-enhancing system into your abode.


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