7 Simple Ideas to Make Getting Ready for Work a Breeze

7 Simple Ideas to Make Getting Ready for Work a Breeze

Some people operate better late in the day, and even cheery morning people can get ready faster with some planning. Your mental attitude is critical for saving time and ensuring that you don’t forget something important. The following seven tips will help you save time – especially if you’re one who never seems to have enough time in the mornings.

1. Shower at Night

Some men and women take an extraordinary amount of time to shower and get ready in the morning, and showering at night eliminates problems like someone showering too long, too many people needing the bathroom, and unexpected grooming disasters. Showering at night gives you more time to address any problems, and you can simplify your morning routine by simply brushing your teeth and washing your face.

2. Ignore Your Phone

Your phone wastes time before you even get out of bed. Many people religiously consult their phone in the morning for sports scores, messages, weather, reviews, and other seemingly critical connections. Those connections lack the importance of preparing for your day, so ignore your phone, or just check for real emergencies. Your phone becomes a welcome distraction from starting your day.

3. Lay Out Your Clothes

Making the difficult wardrobe decisions the night before cuts any time deciding what to wear, However, you should try on the outfit if you haven’t worn it recently in case it doesn’t fit properly. Make sure your clothes fit and don’t have any damage, stains, or dirt.

4. Develop a Morning Routine

Saving time becomes easier when you develop a morning routine. Although your routine may vary, the basics usually include the following:

  • Prep coffee, tea, or smoothie
  • Shower, shave, shampoo if necessary, and style your hair
  • Make a morning playlist to relieve stress
  • Pack lunch or lunches if applicable
  • Check weather
  • Choose clothes or outerwear if not already done
  • Make a list of anything that needs doing

5. Go to Bed Earlier, and Wake Up Earlier

It’s relatively simple to go to bed earlier, but it might take time to adjust. Going to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier will help you rise earlier to get a jumpstart on your day.

6. Give Everything a Home

Organizing your home saves time on everything. Knowing where your luggage and keys are stored shaves a couple of minutes off your routine. Knowing where to find everything you need relieves stress and speeds up your morning agenda.

7. Get an Easy-to-Maintain Hairstyle

Getting a low-maintenance haircut saves an enormous amount of time for most people including both men and women. Choosing the right hairstyle for your hair and lifestyle takes time and research. You can consult with your hairstylist before your haircut so you can share how much time you have to get ready each day and choose a hairstyle that reflects your lifestyle.

When you are rushing to get ready for work or end up being late to work, your work performance will suffer. It’s best to take make preparations and eliminate any unnecessary stress from your morning routine so you are on time to work and aren’t stressed starting your day.


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