How LiDAR Can Save Your Business Money and Time

Light Detection and Ranging or LiDAR is a perfect way to capture data on large areas. Maps and models can be created in a fraction of the time that it would take to traditionally survey the area. The aerial approach also allows for areas that are hard to access to be easy to reach. Time is money and improving safety while reducing time needed for certain parts of a project is imperative. Efficiency combined with a great business plan is a recipe for success. Enlisting the help of a company offering LiDAR services is imperative as technology is overtaking a number of industries. The following will highlight how LiDAR can save your business time and money. 

More Efficient Project Management

Drones with LiDAR technology can truly make the management of a large construction project far easier. Acquiring LiDAR data of a construction site before work begins helps surveyors and mappers understand the land and what needs to be done. LiDAR can be done at scale so thousands of acres can be covered in a much smaller time scale than traditional methods. 

The allocation of labor across large project areas can be more efficient and allow for deadlines to be hit. 

Improved Safety For Employees

Minimizing the safety risk of employees to perform certain tasks that can be completed with a LiDAR equipped drone is invaluable. 

Decreased insurance costs can be achieved with an impeccable safety record that is consistent and flawless. The workplace record can also be an attraction when recruiting new employees. Dangerous roles that are taken seriously and employees that are not overworked are a recipe for success. You want to be able to retain skilled employees for years regardless of the position that they are in. 

Surveying Hard To Access Areas Is Now Easier

Surveying areas can take a long period of time especially when the areas are nearly impossible to access. Many companies are utilizing LiDAR to help identify the right piece of land for their business. Surveying companies are now using LiDAR data alongside traditional data collection methods to gain more comprehensive data sets.


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