Ensuring Customer Success with Value Realization

In any business, customer value is of utmost importance. Every product or service is expected to deliver and add a certain amount of value to the consumer’s life. Your customer should know what they can expect from your business and why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. This should be outlined in your customer value proposition.

The CVP serves to outline your value to your customer and gives them an expectation you will live up to. Delivering, meeting, and exceeding your customer’s expectations will keep them coming back and help your business continually grow. Once your customer is satisfied that you’ve delivered on their expectations and your promises, value realization sets in and you’ll have a customer for life.

Value and the CX Process

It’s important that your customer has full realization of the value your company has to offer. When your buyers get exactly what you claim to offer, they will become a supporter of your brand and tell others about your business. A loyal customer is the backbone of a successful company..

Your company’s customer experience should be consistent and superior, so it’s important to build a team with both your company’s success and the success of your customer’s in mind. Coming through on the promises your customer value statement makes will demonstrate to your customer that you also care about their success, because their success is your success.

Targeted Teams

Every business has a customer service team (CS), but few invest in their business’s customer service as well as they should. The truth is, excellent customer service is a key driver of customer value, as well as your company’s success. 

Customer service is more than people answering phones and taking messages, it’s creating a dedicated team that listens to your customers’ concerns and actively seeks to improve your customer value and your overall customer experience. A great CS will also keep track of analytics and trends which you’ll use to improve your product and value.

Measuring Value

The next step to ensuring customer success is to analyze the data. Work with your CS team to create benchmark goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to determine customer satisfaction. While every businesses’ value strategy looks slightly different, surveys remain a top method for gauging perceived value.

Emails, texts, and social media messaging are ideal mediums for survey engagement. Surveys can provide measurable results, both positive and negative, that will help you improve your customer value realization. Listening to your customers’ complaints and actively seeking to resolve these issues, while understanding what makes them happy will be of great value of its own. 

The Bottom Line

Offering a great product at a low cost is just part of your company’s value. In order to achieve the coveted customer value realization, you must have excellent customer service that listens and actively seeks to improve your business and the experience of your customers. When your customer feels that you care about them, you will add to their overall value experience and grow your brand.