4 Reasons to Consider Having a Pet Serve as a Company Mascot

4 Reasons to Consider Having a Pet Serve as a Company Mascot

Businesses benefit when they present a positive image of themselves to their current and prospective clients and to their employees. An effortless way to appeal to everyone is with animals. Using a pet as a company mascot can instantly create a welcoming image. Having the pet onsite and in marketing is an effective branding technique and creates a more positive work environment.

1. Improve Employee Happiness

Most people respond positively to animals in the workplace. It is a fun and appealing break from the usual routine. Pets enable people to take a moment to relax or have a laugh. Knowing they will see an animal at work can even motivate people to go into the office when tired or feeling down. A happier workforce that wants to be in the workplace always benefits the employer.

2. Create a Welcoming Image

Research has shown that the human brain is hardwired to notice and respond to animals. The reaction, for most people, is instantly positive. An animal mascot can encourage people to connect their positive feelings for the creature to the company using the mascot. Cute, fuzzy animals can make a company seem warm and down-to-earth.

In surveys, people overwhelmingly believe their pets make them a better person. Feeling this way about themselves also helps them to think the same about others. The survey respondents said they consider pet owners kinder and more approachable. In marketing, a pet mascot can instantly draw people to the business and make them feel they can trust and want to work with this company.

3. Gain Attention Instantly

Attracting new clientele requires businesses to get attention from the audience. Advertising campaigns that include animals get noticed. The animals provide endless opportunities for marketing. The use of their image on merchandise, amusing videos of the mascot online, and meet and greets with the mascot at trade fairs or other events are just a few examples of how to increase attention with a pet.

Appealing to emotions can open people up to working with the business. This can instantly increase the audience demographic range and expand profit potential. The organization must still provide a reliable and beneficial product or service. A mascot only enables the business to have more people to impress.

4. Expand Company Appeal

Any animal can provoke positive responses. A mascot can be a goat, alpaca, or nearly any other animal. Humans love and respond well to cats and dogs, but less common creatures may encourage more attention by standing out. A ferret, hedgehog, or other exotic animal could appeal to a larger audience who may not be as swayed by traditional pets.

Any mascot will boost marketing efforts. Studies show that mascots can increase market share by nearly 40 percent and boost profits by 30 percent. Pets could encourage even more benefits. Animal mascots only help a business when the pet is cared for and loved by the owners. Adopting an animal to use for marketing purposes will only work when its human family gives it the appropriate care between advertising campaigns.