3 Ways How Horseback Riding Can Promote Team Bonding

3 Ways How Horseback Riding Can Promote Team Bonding

Corporate retreats are a popular way for employees to get to know and understand each other better, especially those that incorporate team building activities. These can facilitate collaboration and turn the team into a cohesive unit that is more than the sum of its parts. One popular bonding exercise that can be used for teams enjoying a work outing is horseback riding. Let’s take a look at three ways that horseback riding can promote team bonding among employees and colleagues.

1- The Team Can Have Fun Together

One of the problems that many companies face with their team building exercises is that if they aren’t fun activities, the employees won’t have a good time. The term “mandatory fun” is used somewhat sardonically to refer to company-mandated events that seem to be more about management forcing their workers to attend programs they consider boring.

However, the shared experience of going horseback riding is much different. Team members will be more likely to have a good time regardless of how well they do at riding. It’s also not very dangerous, as these horses will be used to having human riders and have been well-trained. Your team can make exciting memories in a relaxing social environment and grow closer in the process.

2- Team Members Can Learn About Each Other

Horseback riding can reveal a lot about the rider’s personality. Additionally, as it generally involves horses walking in a single-file line or side-by-side, team members will have a chance to talk and form bonds with each other. Additionally, it’s a perfect object lesson in communication.

When riding a horse, you can’t simply ask the animal, “Horse, can you turn around and take me back to the stable?” It’s a horse – it’s not going to understand English. By learning to communicate with the animals and each other, the team can fully understand the importance of communication and how their teammates do it, which will be very valuable as they work together back at the office.

3- It’s a Versatile Activity

With many team building exercises that companies offer, everyone has a very similar experience. Everyone works together to solve a problem and the team members feel like they’ve been asked to do free labor for a fictional project so that management can prove some nebulous “point”.

Horseback riding, however, allows different team members to have completely different experiences. Some may be expert riders who can show off their skills, while others may have never seen a horse in real life before going. Some may choose not to ride and just walk with a horse. The team has a great time, no one’s uncomfortable, and everyone walks away with positive feelings about the experience and their teammates.

These are just a few of the ways that horseback riding can promote team bonding. If you’re looking for a fun group activity for your next corporate retreat or work outing, going on a ride at the local stable could be the perfect opportunity for you and your team.


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