Why Buy a Home in Florida?

The housing market today is one of the more challenging in recent years. Many people are opting to rent because they simply cannot afford a home. Yet even for those who can, not every area is built equally. New York, for example, has an average home price of $744,000. It’s not a place that’s friendly to first-time homeowners by any means.

Florida, while certainly not the most affordable place in the United States, manages to strike a balance. The state has an average home price of $392,000. It’s not a small amount, but is still manageable. This is displayed by the fact that 67% of homeowners in Florida are first time homeowners. California and New York hover around 55%, for comparison. 

Beyond the cost of the home, the cost of living in Florida is also very manageable. While there are some cities with heavy costs, the state as a whole is very close to the national average. This on top of the lack of any income tax in Florida starts to make it much more affordable. Outside of the finances the reasons to move to Florida are vast.

The state has amazing year round weather, is growing, has stunning scenery and beaches, and has ample employment opportunities including remote work. Today there just aren’t many states left which have so many benefits without massive costs. So why buy a home in Florida? It’s a state where you reasonably can without being socially and professionally isolated.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?



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