Why Tech Startups Have Better Potential In Israel

Israel is one of the best places for a new tech startup and has seen massive recent growth and investment in startups. In 2022, Israel’s tech companies sealed 663 deals raising nearly $15 billion. 2021 had Israeli cybersecurity startups raise more than 3 times as much they did in 2020 at a whopping $8.8 billion raised. Israel is ranked #2 in the world for R&D expenditure per capita and is in the top 3 for number of machine learning and AI startups. 57 new Israeli companies went public in 2021 and raised $4 billion – almost 3 times the amount raised by IPOs in 2020. 

There are a number of driving forces behind the success of many businesses in Israel. Venture capital firms and a number of massive corporations have offices in Israel and maintain a vested interest in the companies that spring up in Israel. Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all have R&D centers in Israel with some startups from Israel being acquired by these tech giants. Israeli companies are also oftentimes forced to look at a global market from the getgo as the local market is often very small.

Learn more about the reasons why Israel is a breeding ground for growth and success for new tech startups here. 

How Israel Has Emerged on the Tech Scene


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