Overcoming the Challenges of Live Video

Live video traffic grew fourfold between 2016-2021, and growth is only projected to accelerate, with revenue projected to be $184 billion by 2028. Yet despite such widespread adoption of live video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, 30% of sales professionals believe such tools are hindering sales. What could be the reason? 

Put simply, current offerings on the market are failing to match the explosion in demand for live video by businesses and consumers alike. Live streaming requires very high bandwidth in order to deliver video smoothly, and as a result 80% of businesses experience internet connectivity problems. 

High-latency, low quality visuals and poorly designed UI make it hard for users to enjoy a stress-free streaming experience. Businesses also have to consider privacy laws, such as GDPR, and the security of streams. 

The pain points are numerous, but some platforms have stepped up to the challenge. Eyeson is one of them: this provider has patented a single stream technology that allows all users to view the same high quality streams from any devices, with integrated features such as screen share and animations. It is an all-encompassing reliable solution, that is also fully GDPR compliant and free from mining: one to watch in shaping the future of live video technology.

The power of nimble live video
Source: eyeson.com


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