How to Stop Distractions and Start Productivity

In the modern era of technology, getting distracted is the easiest that it has ever been. Nowadays, people are reportedly spending as much as 47% of their time thinking about something other than what they’re doing. The abundance of distractions makes focusing on a task even more crucial. But when a creative idea crosses our minds, how can we hold onto it in this world of distractions?

The oldest method is using paper and pencil to jot down ideas, but these ideas are confined to a piece of paper. You can also write down thoughts on a digital device, but using a digital device can lead to even more distractions. Additionally, we can take advantage of transcription services or AI for digital content creation, but these can result in text that is unclear or not true to the original idea.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get the best of all worlds. Companies like Vnote combine writing with transcriptions and AI to make notetaking as efficient as possible. With the use of these apps, typing is 3x faster than typing and much more accessible than traditional writing. Ultimately, whether you seek to make writing more accessible or to optimize AI these benefits make it the app for you.

Capture Thoughts for Future Use