How To Market Your Medical Practice And New Services Being Provided

Running a medical practice can be a challenge in a variety of areas. Practices that have great patient retention can grow year after year by adding new patients. Offering a new service can be great when it comes to diversifying where the revenue of the practice comes from. The new service could be from something like offering virtual appointments to patients. Take time to see how the new service can benefit the practice and if it will impact any other services negatively. The following are tips to help you market new services your medical practice is providing. 

Create Content Explaining The Service

A new service might not be something that some patients understand. Talking about the benefits of a procedure or service can help educate them. A service page on the website should be created. The page should also be tagged appropriately and have relevant meta descriptions/meta titles. Do not put too many keywords in the content but do try to optimize the content for SEO without it impacting the clarity of the content for the reader. Adding Occmed to urgent care might not be something patients understand but can be educated on.

Start Ranking For The Service On Search Engines

Ranking at the top of search results on Google can generate a number of leads for any business. Content marketing can be very important when doing this. Building backlinks on relevant websites and local websites can help drive rankings in a huge way. Sharing content can help generate more backlinks as it helps expand the reach of a particular piece of content. Keyword research can allow a practice to understand which keywords they should be targeting. Having a professional do this is wise as they could uncover keyword phrases that generate results that also have low competition. 

Informing Current Patients 

Email blasts should not be too prevalent as you do not want patients sending the practice emails to their spam folders. You can send out tips for health or even discounted services that are provided during a certain period of time. 

Brochures that highlight the new services that are offered can be sent to current patients. These can also be given out at appointments as well. Questions can be answered immediately when these are given to a patient before or after an appointment. 

Press releases in local publications can allow the community to know about new offerings. Even putting up a few social media ads can help get targeted leads. There are press release distribution services available online that can be relatively affordable. 

A digital marketing company might be the best option for a practice that does not have the bandwidth to market internally. You want an agency that works with other medical practices and has generated results for them. Ask to see the results that they have generated as some agencies are far more reliable than others. Marketing new services could be a challenge especially if the service is not known to the general public.


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