Accelerating Production of Mobile Apps Using CI/CD 

Mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms are increasingly important in today’s technological landscape as they automate the manual processes involved in building, testing, and deploying mobile applications. This set of practices and tools enables developers to deliver software updates more frequently and reliably, ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth company operations.

As society becomes more dependent on mobile devices, the demand for mobile app developers is expected to rise by 2026. Alongside the surge in demand for mobile apps, there is a growing need for faster app production. Developers have significantly increased their coding pace, with 60% stating that code moves into production faster than in previous years. To keep up with this accelerated pace, developers rely on CI/CD capabilities to stay ahead.

Mobile CI/CD automation frees developers from manual tasks, allowing them to focus on creating better apps at a faster pace. Elite developers who meet reliability targets are more likely to utilize continuous testing, delivery, and integration. CI/CD simplifies maintenance and upgrades, enhances test reliability, increases developer and customer satisfaction, and reduces overall costs. Bitrise stands out as one of the industry-leading mobile DevOps platforms built around mobile CI/CD.  It empowers developers to automate, test, and release apps with confidence.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline