7 Ways to Have Killer Confidence for Your Work Holiday Party

7 Ways to Have Killer Confidence for Your Work Holiday Party

The holidays can be a hectic time of the year between shopping for gifts and all the events to attend. Company holiday parties are a great way to bond with co-workers but can also be stressful to attend.

Whether in-office, at an off-site location like a restaurant, or at a manager’s house, you want to make the best impression at your company holiday party. Here are the top seven ways to have killer confidence at your work holiday party so you can leave a positive impression on your co-workers and higher-ups.

1- Wear a Flattering Outfit

A flattering outfit is key to having high confidence at your work party. Make sure that the outfit is both company-appropriate but also flattering for your body type and skin tone. Since the party will be in the winter, plan an outfit that can keep you warm but comfortable enough to move around in. If you want to be extra festive, you can wear the appropriate holiday colors and details.

2- Book a Facial Service

Taking care of your skin is the ultimate way to put your best face forward and skyrocket your confidence. Book a facial at a local spa at least a week before your company holiday party so that your skin will be clear and glowing the day of the event. There are many types of facials to suit your individual skin’s needs, and many are highly customizable to target specific areas of concern.

3- Choose a Hairstyle You Like

Decide on a hairstyle that reflects your personality and is appropriate for a professional company work party setting. A half-up or updo hairstyle is always on trend, professional, and helps keep your hair out of your face for the party. You can also get your hair done at a salon before the party to make sure that you look and feel confident.

4- Think About Your Makeup

Just like choosing a hairstyle, you want to also think about your makeup look. Opt for a look that highlights your features without being over the top. Whether it’s a day or evening work party, your makeup should still look like you so that you can feel your most confident.

5- Do a Self Tanner

We tend to think of self-tanning for the summertime when it’s actually a year-round beauty step. Having a natural-looking tan in the winter can help keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant. It also helps you have a little bit of color when taking photos during the winter’s low lighting.

6- Use Teeth Whitening Products

Expect a lot of pictures to be taken during holiday work parties. Companies will often have a professional photographer taking photos throughout the event, so doing a teeth whitening treatment can greatly improve your overall confidence when you’re smiling in photos. Having your teeth whitened will also increase your confidence when talking face-to-face with your co-workers, and teeth whitening will last well beyond the holiday party so you’ll have a long-term benefit as well.

7- Prepare to Socialize

Work holiday parties are a way to spend time with co-workers outside of the office setting, therefore it’s important that you prepare to socialize in order to have high confidence. Office parties are a time when co-workers typically ask about your personal life and non-work topics, so prepare some talking points about yourself ahead of time so you can speak confidently at the company holiday party.

Work holiday parties can be fun to attend and bond with co-workers, but can also be stressful because we want to put our best face forward. Walking into the event with a high level of confidence is the best way to make sure you can leave a lasting impression on your co-workers and also have the most enjoyable experience.


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