4 Advantages of Using Rock Bags to Help With Erosion Control

4 Advantages of Using Rock Bags to Help With Erosion Control

Erosion can wreak havoc on many different parts of your property. Being able to control the amount of erosion that happens is the key to protecting your investment. Rock bags are a simple yet effective technology that can stop erosion in problem areas of your property and throughout communities.

1- No Bed Preparation Needed

One of the biggest advantages of using a rock bag over other types of erosion control systems is that there’s no need to prepare a foundation for the bedding area where your rock bags will be going. The rock bags are highly flexible and can easily fill in the unevenness in the ground area when they’re placed. This can save you both time and money by not having to prep the placement area ahead of time. It also makes rock bags a necessary choice for quick erosion control needs.

2- Rapid Fill and Deployment

Another great advantage of rock bags over typical types of erosion control methods is their ability to be filled rapidly. Due to the flexible bag feature, these units can be filled easily with a load of whatever rock is near. There’s no having to stack gabion boxes perfectly. Even better, once these bags are filled, they can be easily deployed. With the help of an on-site crane, these bags can easily be lifted up and dropped down into place. Since the ground doesn’t have to be even, it can literally be dropped wherever you need erosion control without any hindrances.

3- Multiple Fill Options

An awesome advantage of rock bags for erosion control is that they can be filled in with whatever rock material you so choose. While different fill materials can be better than others, these bags are great for their versatility and ability to work in a pinch. Instead of having to truck in a lot of a specific type of stone, you can use whatever is on hand at the site you’re trying to use the bags.

4- Perfect for Extreme Weather Events

While rock bags are perfect to use for planned erosion control for various projects, they’re also a great option for extreme weather events. Since they can be easily filled and deployed in rapid succession, they can help to prevent land movement issues that would otherwise be a result of a nasty weather event. Even better, since they can be filled with whatever rock is on hand at the time, they make a very versatile option for many weather preparation groups to deploy. They even store at a fraction of their filled size, so groups can easily keep a massive amount of rock bags on hand without taking up much space.

Rock bags are transforming the world of erosion control. Thanks to their awesome versatility, ease of use, and small storage size, they’re a great option for communities to have on hand for major storm events. Their ability to settle in on uneven ground and fill in the voids makes them a perfect go-to solution for all types of erosion control problems.


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