3 Ways to Use a Commercial Video to Boost Holiday Sales

3 Ways to Use a Commercial Video to Boost Holiday Sales

The holidays are around the corner, whether you’re ready or not. You might want to consider using commercial videos to exceed your sales goals during the holiday season. It’s a great way to make your brand stand out.

Commercial videos are short-form clips that are uploaded on social media platforms, streaming services, and other video platforms. These videos typically last 30 seconds and foster positivity about your brand’s message, mission, and products or services in a positive way.

You should invest in commercial video production to spread awareness about your business. A Wyzowl survey found that 88% of people are more convinced to purchase a service or produce after watching a brand’s video. Your video storytelling needs a strategy that makes it effective and connects with your customers. Here are three ways to use commercial video.

1. Create a Live Shopping Experience

There’s a reason why Americans love home shopping channels so much. It’s an entertaining experience that allows them to see products and goods in real-time. It’s a quick and easy way to get your customers’ attention and keep it. Create a live shopping experience by live-streaming on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

This also creates a sense of urgency and FOMO. Your customers won’t want to miss out on this experience. Be sure to include information about your shopping live streams across your social media channels. You don’t want to miss out on potential sales because no one showed up.

2. Demonstrate Your Products

According to a recent survey from Sprout Social, 66% of customers are more engaged when they watch videos about products. It gives them the courage they need to make a purchase. As you can use, video is valuable for building trust with your customers. In that same study, most of them paid attention to short-form videos which led them to buy the products.

Use commercial videos to demonstrate your products. During the holiday season, create videos that show some of your best-selling products. If you’re selling high-quality video production from Churchill Studios, a how-to video can help show the features of the product. It can make your customers feel comfortable about making that big investment.

3. Feature Testimonials

Testimonials can drive business without your help. According to Wyzowl’s Testimonial Statics 2020, 9 out of 10 people trust what a customer says about a business. That statistic goes up when they use video. That means they can put a name and face to a person.

You might want to get creative with your holiday marketing campaign by featuring your customers instead of your employees or a celebrity sponsor. Ask each of your customers about your brand, customer service, and products so they can offer positive feedback. Listen to your customers and let them honestly talk about how your brand helped them.

These are just three ways to use commercial video production in your holiday marketing campaign. This article should spark some inspiration. Now you’ll have some ideas of how to shift your video marketing efforts.


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