3 Ways to Cut Roadside Brush Easier for a Landscaping Team

3 Ways to Cut Roadside Brush Easier for a Landscaping Team

Removal of roadside brush is one of the most common tasks for landscapers. Sometimes the goal is to clear space for ornamentals, while other property owners just want to improve visibility on a road or driveway. Whatever your customer’s goals may be, there are a number of ways to simplify the process so that you can complete the job quickly and on budget. Read this article on how to make cutting roadside brush easier for a landscaping team.

1- Upgrade Equipment

You already know that having the right tools is probably 80% of the job, if not more. Roadside brush removal is much easier when you’re equipped for the work. Along with the usual chainsaws, mattocks, and bow saws, you’ll also find the job is made much easier with a power mulcher that operates from your mini-excavator or skid steer. These powerful implements can grind away even the toughest brush and vines quickly and safely. They cut down dramatically on the amount of hand tool work and power tool use that is necessary to complete a job, letting your crews work faster and more efficiently.

2- Do Advance Work

Many times clients don’t give much notice of when they want a job done, but other times you do have the opportunity to go to the site ahead of time and give it a head start. Removing things like rocks and litter can reduce the risk of injuries to workers and damage to tools. It will also save time on job day. Another way to speed up the process is to apply some herbicide a couple of weeks beforehand. This will burn back the tough, messy vines that make brush removal slower and more difficult, leaving them brittle and easy to remove. A quick herbicide burndown can also clear away fine vegetation like grasses and weeds, which may be blocking your view of the trunks and stems of larger plans. By removing those smaller plants, you can better see the remaining work.

3- Focus on Safety

By definition, a roadside project of any kind could be near traffic. It may be slow-moving cars on a residential street, but it could also be along a busy highway. Either one poses a very real danger to your crews and equipment and requires them to be constantly vigilant to inattentive drivers. A great way to save time for them is to do everything possible to manage traffic. That includes portable signs, cones, traffic arrows, and blocking vehicles. All of those steps will reduce the safety distractions to your crew and allow them to work with fewer interruptions, getting the job done – and the crew out of the road – more rapidly.

Roadside brush removal can be a lucrative service for landscaping companies. Performing the work efficiently makes the profit margin even larger, and these steps can help your company complete the work more rapidly and successfully. Your fast, efficient work on a brush removal job can also create additional business leads for you by providing a fast, dramatic boost in curb appeal to neighbors and passing drivers.