The Popularity of The World’s Bully Breeds

The United States is home to several different breeds of dogs, many of which fall under the category of a bully, which encompasses many different types of bulldog and terrier breeds. The growing popularity of the bully breed has allowed this type of dog to become the number one most popular breed in 21 different U.S. States. From terriers, to mastiffs, to dobermans, approximately 20% of the U.S.’ dog population falls under this category.

Despite popular belief, bully breeds are among the top percentile of best-tempered dogs. They often get a bad reputation because of the stigma surrounding pitbulls, which is the name given to any dog with a significant mix of other bully breeds. However, bully dogs from all around have proven to be loving and worthwhile pets for the typical American family. 

Bullies from around the world have made their way into the spotlight in the United States in recent years, with more and more ranking at the top. The most popular is currently the french bulldog, which took the number one spot from the Labrador Retriever in 2022. However, all bully breeds far and wide are piquing the interest of Americans looking for loving companions.

The Most Popular Bully Breeds in the United States


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