The Daily Vitamin and Supplements Boom

Vitamins and supplements have become a key part of many consumers’ daily lives, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. This overwhelming growth of the supplement industry is very evident across every demographic in the United States. All ages, genders, and areas of the country have seen sizable intake while supplements of all kinds take center stage. 

Vitamins, weight management supplements, and herbals and botanicals are only a few of the types that have helped to push this industry to where it is today. Global health factors and the pandemic were also a driving factor, encouraging many to take control of their health and well-being like never before. New scientific support for vitamins has also helped to foster this increased confidence. Vitamins have been found to improve physical and cognitive health, reduce injuries, and promote brain health.

Several experts are pioneering this movement, as the industry is growing quickly and showing signs of rapid change and new emerging trends. The future of the supplement industry lies in the hands of the new products that are constantly hitting the market. Pre-workout is only a small portion of this industry, but has taken consumers by storm in recent years. Popular brands that sell these products are putting up millions in revenue, numbers that will only increase in the future. 

The vitamin and supplement industry will continue to increase. This only emphasizes the need for continued knowledge and education on these products that so many people are now interested in consuming regularly.

The Big Business of Supplements


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