How to Best Insulate your Home for Winter

For those that live primarily in colder states where winters last longer and are colder, having proper insulation is crucial to the comfort of one living and could even be lifesaving in case blackouts occur. At the very least, having proper insulation all around mitigates cold drafts in the house. 

Just as northern home frames are built with more insulative material than southern homes, their doors and windows should be just as insulative to keep as much heat in as possible. Since doors are used the most to open and close, having insulative doors is crucial to blocking as much cold air that comes in. Doors that have top-quality barriers that prevent cold air from coming in can help maintain inside temperatures without worrying as much about how often doors are open and closed.  

But doors are not the only thing to keep their homes insulated. Insulative windows should be considered as well. Unlike regular windows that have small frames and maybe one thin layer of glass, quality windows that have durable and multi-layer insulation can not only block cold air but last decades while keeping hot air inside. Purchasing insulative windows alone are so effective, they have proven to reduce homeowners’ energy bill by 31% in northern states.  
Imagine how much homeowners could save if they purchased insulative doors and windows together. While having either insulated barriers for doors or multi-layered windows is just as effective, having both in one’s home during winter can best prevent cold drafts and maintain inside heating. Learn more about window replacement cost in the infographic below:

The Value of Windows


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