How Cannabis Restrictions are Changing

Marijuana use has changed significantly over the past few years with more states having legalized the use of recreational marijuana. In fact, 21 states permit the recreational use of cannabis for adults 21 and older while almost 40 states approved medical marijuana. 

Legal cannabis is becoming more accepted with almost 60% of Americans supporting both medical and recreational use. 44% of Americans currently live in states where recreational marijuana can be legally used. However, legislation around hemp-based CBD is more complicated within each state versus the federal level. Nevertheless, experts believe this won’t be the case forever, especially with marijuana and CBD legislation continuously fluctuating.

By 2030, we will probably see seven new states approving the recreational use of marijuana, including Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida, and South Dakota. The time needed between medical and recreational approval is shortening as well. In 1996, the time period needed in California was 7,308 days while in 2012 Massachusetts needed 1,463 days. As we see federal regulations shifting, there may be more involvement with the Controlled Substances Act, Cannabis Opportunity Act, and more. 

The mindset around cannabis and marijuana use is changing each year, meaning prohibitive legislation might not be as prohibitive as it once was. 

Cannabis Legislation by State


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