Theo Epstein to Billy Eppler: Mets’ rejection-filled journey to new GM

The Mets and Billy Eppler were finalizing a deal Monday night to make him their next general manager, ending a six-week search for the club’s top executive. Here’s how it played out, according to The Post’s reporting: 

Oct. 6

A top heavyweight contender was removed from the board three days after the end of the regular season. Steve Cohen and Theo Epstein discussed the job of President of Baseball Operations and determined it was not for them. 

Oct. 13

Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta told The Post’s Joel Sherman he would not be leaving his current post for the Mets’ job despite buzz surrounding him. 

Oct. 18

The Mets got a double whammy as news broke on the same day that the club did not receive permission from the Brewers to interview David Stearns and that longtime A’s executive Billy Beane had removed himself from consideration. 

Theo Epstein, Billy Eppler
Theo Epstein, Billy Eppler
AP, Getty

Oct. 25

The Post stated that Giants’ GM Scott Harris interviewed with the Mets, but would not be leaving San Francisco. 

Oct. 27

After the Mets expressed an interest in them all, another batch of candidates was thrown out: Brewers general manager Matt Arnold, Dodgers assistant General Manager Brandon Gomes and Cardinals GM Mike Girsch were removed from the picture. Gomes declined an interview, while three other candidates were refused permission by the current teams to speak with them. 

Oct. 29

Mets refused to interview Jeff Kingston, Dodgers assistant general manager for this position. 

Nov. 1

After pleading guilty to DWI charges, Zack Scott was placed on administrative leave by the Mets for almost two months. Scott had been acting as GM. 

Nov. 2

Twins assistant General Manager Daniel Adler pulled out of consideration due to his inexperience. 

Nov. 3

Eppler first emerges as a target on the Mets’ radar. 

Nov. 4

Red Sox vice president Raquel Ferreira and assistant General Manager were interviewed by Mets officials. They ultimately decided to not interview for the position. 

Nov. 9

Adam Cromie is a former Nationals assistant GM and meets separately with Steve Cohen. 

Nov. 15

Eppler received the Mets’ first-ever offer for the GM role, hours after which they were closing the deal.

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